mario asef

*1971 born in Córdoba, Argentina. lives in Berlin.


University of Architecture and Urban Development. Córdoba, Argentina.
Academy of Visual Art, Karlsruhe, Germany.
Chelsea College of Art and Design, London.
University of the Art (UdK) Berlin, Master of Art.


ongoing projects


Acousmatic Lectures, a series of lectures of science and art in cooperation with Errant Bodies Sound Art Project Space


solo exhibitions


Cenit, THE DRAWING HUB, Berlin / Wildpalms, Duesseldorf /

Griffin Art Projects, Vancouver, Canada

Kemmuna Nation, Fragmenta Malta, Malta


Acousmatic Lectures Series, Errant Sound, Berlin


Objekte sind operationale Relationen im Prozess des Sprachhandelns, Manière Noire, Berlin

Lotería Nacional, La Miscelanea - Unarte, Puebla, Mexico


Drei Anachronismen, Kühlhaus, Berlin


Crossfade, Art Claims Impulse, Berlin 


Prosthesis 9t, Die Raum, Berlin

Crossfade, Junge Kunst Wolfsburg  e.V. Wolfsburg (cat.)


Raumprothesen, Arttransponder, Berlin (cat.)


Die Repräsentation als Wirklichkeit, Galerie Metro, Berlin

Signal Wave, Les Voutes, Paris


EMPIRIEN, Brotfabrik Galerie, Berlin (cat.)





Daegu Photo Biennale 2018, Daegu, South Korea

DYSTOPIE | DISTOPYA Sound Art Festival Berlin-Istanbul


Rebellion, Scotty, Berlin

In the Sound Field, Errant Sound, Berlin


Wild Palms, Untitled, Miami Beach, USA

Sound Matters, Errant Sound Project Space, Berlin

Books, Wild Palms, Düsseldorf, Germany

L'Intru (Invaders), Errant Bodies, Berlin

Transitional Societies, NON, Berlin


L'Intru (Invaders), Friday Exit, Vienna

Aquamediale, Art in Public Space Spreewald, Brandenburg (cat.)

The Art of Voice – The Voice Observatory, Errant Bodies – sound art project space, Berlin

Manifold Mapping, Casa Imelda, Mexico City

L'Intru (Invaders), Rich Mix, London


Returning to Sender, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin

Post-Colonial Flagship Store, MuseumsQuartier, Vienna

More than a Millon, GlogauAir, Berlin

Stadt als Klangtext, Errant Bodies – sound art project space, Berlin


Estate of the Real, Kühlhaus Berlin, Berlin

PREVIEW 13- Berlin Art Fair, Berlin

Instrumental, Leap Berlin, a sound-performance on a sound-installation by Andy Graydon


Surf+Anarchie+Alchemie, Amtsrichterhaus Schwarzenbek, curator: Frank Barth with Peter Friedl, Carsten Höller, Gregor Schneider, Susanne Klein, a.o.

Dazzling & Haunted, Art Claims Impulse – Berlin Art-Week, Berlin

Reality Terror, Depo-Istanbul, Istanbul (cat.)

Faraway, so close, Fichte-Bunker, Berlin (cat.)


Pixel Pops 2011, Nouvel Organon, Paris

Abstract, Essays and Observations, Berlin

Curated by Mira O’Brien and Helen Homan Wu, Berlin

Lichter Art Award, Frankfurt a. Main, curators: Saul Judd, Matthias Ulrich

Emblem of Modernity, Pink Gallery, Berlin


Man Son 1969, Villa Merkel, with Martin Kippenberger, Bruce Nauman, Peter Friedl, Cindy Sherman , a.o. curators: Andreas Baur, Frank Barth, Dirck Möllmann, Esslingen, Germany (cat.)

10 Years at Kasa, Kasa Gallery, Istanbul (cat.)

Klondike River, Treasure Land, curator: Horst Griese, Achim Bitter, André Korpys and Markus Löffler, Bremen, Germany

Weil’ auf mir, du dunkles Auge, bauer&ewald, with Jeremiah Day, Klara Hobza, Daniel Seiple, and Erik Smith


Man Son 1969, Hamburger Kunsthalle, with Joseph Beuys, Max Beckman, Dan Graham, a.o. curators: Frank Barth, Dirck Möllmann, Hamburg (cat.)


Architektur, Künstlerhaus Bregenz, Austria (cat.)


Capital 2014, curator: Caroline Lund, Lund, Sweden (cat.)

Legal Tender, KASA Gallery, Istanbul

Science Fiction, Galerie Metro, Berlin

have to leave my STUDIO, SSamzie Space, curator: Hyunjin Shin, Seoul, South Korea (cat.)

PREVIEW 07- The Emerging Art Fair, Video lounge curated by Sabine Schuetze, Berlin


Urbane Legend, SSamzie Space, curator: Soohyun Park Seoul, South Korea (cat.)


Frize Art Fair, Dosensos, Resonance FM, London

Der negative Horizont, Podewil, Berlin


Mobile Background, Launch Option Berlin, Büro Friedrich, Berlin


Evolutionäre Zellen, Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst, Berlin

Station, Kunstraum Bethanien, Kreuzberg, Berlin


festivals and screenings



How to Build an Art Biennale – Imagined Biennales, Tate Modern, London

On Limits, Borders, Edges and Boundaries, Else Foundation, Mexico

Tier-Bild-Ton, Errant Sound Project Space, Berlin


Fieldrecording as a Personal Practice, Errant Sound Project Space, Berlin


Lecturer by Art Histories and Aesthetic Practices, Forum Transregionale Studien, Berlin

Lecturer by El Quijote: Diseñador de su propia experiencia, IED, Madrid

Lecturer by Conversas II, Berlin


Acousmatic Lecture, org. Schlegel Graduate School – Freie Universität Berlin, KuLe, Berlin


Vis-à-vis / Soundgate, org. by Berliner Pool, Art Claims Impulse, Berlin


Port2010 / Soundgate, museum of modern art Kunsten, Aalborg, Denmark

SoundLAB VII , cologne global heritage of digital culture, Cologne, Germany

The Other and The Self, video stream, Voges Gallery, Frankfurt a.M. , Germany


Transmediale 09, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin

Arte, Salud y Sociedad, Proyecto Circo, curator: Ada Azor, La Havana, Cuba

Bordet, Abandoned Gallery, curator: Anna Norberg, Malmö, Sweden

Zeppelin 2009 – Sonidos del Poder – Centro de Cultura Contemporania

de Barcelona (CCCB), Barcelona, Spain


Zeppelin 2008 - Sorderas – CCCB, Barcelona, Spain

Les Rencontres Internationales, Madrid, Berlin, Paris


Transmediale 07, Akademie der Künste, Berlin


Architektur und Film Festival - Out of Disaster - Brotfabrik, Berlin


Art in the Age of New Technologies, Armenian Centre of Contemporary Experimental Art, Armenia (cat.)



awards and scholarships


2017           Acousmatic Lectures Series, project funding Schering Stiftung, Berlin, Germany

2017           Griffin Art Projects, artist in residence program, Vacouver, Canada

2016           Errant Sound, Project Space Award, Berlin Senat, Germany

2015           Recherchestipendium 2015 from Berlin Senat, Germany

2015           IFA – Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen project funding, Germany

2015           Bezirkamt Pankow project funding, Berlin

2015           Initiative Neue Musik project funding, Berlin

2014           Quartier21 – Artist in Residence Program, Vienna

2014           Casa Imelda Artist in Residence, Mexico City, funded by IFA – Germany

2012           Crossfade, project-funding Volkswagen, Wolfsburg, Germany

2011           Lichter Art Award, Nomimation, Frankfurt a.M. Germany

2009           Frankfurter Kunstverein, Deutsche Börse Residency Program, Frankfurt

2009           Raumprothesen, project-funding Arttransponder, Berlin, Germany

2007           Stiftung-Künstlerdorf, artist in residence program, Schöppingen, Germany

2007           Signal Wave, project funding Senatsverwaltung für Wissenschaft,Forschung und Kultur, Berlin

2006           Schinckel Progressive - SSamzie Space, artist in residence program Seoul

2006           EMPIRIEN, catalogue funding Senatsverwaltung für Wissenschaft,Forschung und Kultur, Berlin

2006           EMPIRIEN, project funding Kulturamt Pankow, Berlin

2006           Award of the Architektur und Film Festival - Out of Disaster-, Berlin

2004           Scholarship of the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, Berlin




Daegu Photo Biennale 2018 – Next Image, Daeugu, South korea 2018

ArtMargins, volume 5 – issue 2, publisher MIT Press, USA, 2016 /

Aquamediale 11, festival catalogue, Spreewald, Germany 2016 /

Voces, Issue 2, publisher Museo Universitario del Chopo, Mexico City, 2015 /

PCFS, exhibition magazine, Museumsquartier Vienna, 2014 /

Crossfade, exhibition catalogue, Kerber Verlag  -Young Art Edition, Germany – 2013 /

Reality Terror, exhibition catalogue, Istanbul – 2012 /

Faraway so Close, exhibition catalogue, NODE Berlin – 2012 /

Klondike River, exhibition catalogue, HfK Bremen – 2010 /

10 Years at Kasa, exhibition catalogue, Istanbul – 2010 /

Raumprothesen, catalogue, Berlin – 2009 /

Man Son 1969, exhibition catalogue, Hamburger Kunsthalle – 2009 /

Architektur, exhibition catalogue, Bregenz, Austria - 2008 /

Capital 2014, exhibition catalogue, Lund, Sweden – 2007 /

hate to leave my STUDIO, studio program catalogue, Seoul, South Korea – 2007 /

EMPIRIEN, catalogue, Berlin – 2006 /

Urbane Legend, exhibition catalogue, Seoul – Berlin – 2006 /

II. European Month of Photography, Berlin – 2006 /

Art in the Age of New Technologies, exhibition catalogue, Armenia – 2005 /

Wo liegt Berlin? exhibition catalogue, Berlin – 2004 /

Guestroom, contemporary art magazine, London – Munich – 2004 /

Der Film entsteht vor Ort, Labor-Sonor-audio-CD, Charhizma Berlin – 2003 /


other activities


Since 2014 member of Errant Sound Project Space (former Errant Bodies) – a sound art project space in Berlin, where he is organising interdisciplinary lectures for artists and scientists.

Workshop holder summer semester 2015 in Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung, Karlsruhe

Workshop holder about Sound Art in the Universität der Künste Berlin, 2005 /06

Workshop holder about Contemporary Art in Visions of Art, online teaching, 2010 / 12